How we serve the community:

Northeast Rabbits Children's Christmas Fund
Manchester Little League Team Sponsorship
Hampstead Little League Team Sponsorship
Contributor to NESAP
Assist community Members in time of need

Current Officers

President - Mike Hughes

Vice President - Clay Myatt

Treasurer - Doug Rill

Secretary - Cindy Myatt


The Northeast Rabbits became a charted non-profit community service

organization in October 1976. The organization is dedicated to enriching the community through active involvement. The group was formed when the North Carroll Jaycees lost their charter in 1976. The twelve charter members wanted to continue the projects that meant so much to the community, especially the presents for children at Christmas. Over the years, membership numbers have fluctuated. Currently, the Rabbits have 20 members.

Why are we called "The Northeast Rabbits"? The group took the name from its motto: "Come join a growing organization." Other service groups are called the Elks, the Lions, the Moose - why not the Rabbits? In 1989, the group discussed changing the name to something more formal, but decided that after 13 years as service, it had become established in the community as "the Rabbits." The name is synonymous with what we do - provide help for the community through civic and social events.